Folk art wood carvings with wonderful folk art appeal by Jay Miles.


Jay Miles Folk Art  

Folk art wood carvings with wonderful folk art appeal hand carved by Jay Miles surfaces painted by Si' Na' Ya'. Flying Bufflehead decoy, hollow standing goose, whimsical scarecrow with his companion crow on shoulder, beautiful teal decoy, pirate whirligig, folk art flying dragon, Northwest Coast mask, and a whimsical leprechaun jumping over a turtle. Folk art pieces with the look of yesterday.


Flying Bufflehead

Item #J250 Flying Bufflehead Folk Art Decoy
Flying bufflehead decoy on stand with glass eyes. Mouth carved open. Several bird shot. 13"L x 13"H

Standing Goose

Item #JS572 Hollow Standing Folk Art Snow Goose
Hollow standing goose made of Maine white cedar. Glass eyes. 18 1/2"L x 14"H

Scarecrow with Crow on Shoulder

Item #JS0021 Whimsical Scarecrow with his Companion Crow on Shoulder
Scarecrow with articulated arms that move side to side. His companion is a crow with attitude. Yellow Brick Road painted on base.

Green-winged Teal Decoy

Item #J562 Green-winged Teal Folk art Decoy
Green-winged teal hen decoy carved of pine, glass eyes. Not weighted. 14 1/2"L

Retablo of Madonna and Child

Item #JS052 Retablo of Madonna & Child in Paint Decorated Frame
Folk art painting on old canvas. A retablo of Madonna and Child in paint decorated frame. 10 1/2"H x 8"W with frame, painting is 7" x 5"

Prirate Whirligig

Item #JS572 Folk Art Pirate Whirligig
Pirate whirligig with paddle swords on stand. Made of pine. 20"H

Flying Dragon

Item #JS0583 Folk Art Dragon
Flying dragon carved of Maine pine on steel stand. 2,000 pennies inlaid for scales, eyes are old large yellow marbles. Beautiful surface finely aged. 50"L X 35"H x 13"W.

Northwest Coast Face Mask

Item #JS522 Folk art Northwest Coast Mask
Northwest Coast mask made of redwood with old patination. 10"H x 6"W

Whimsical Leprechaun jumping over Turtle

Item #JS586 Whimsical Folk art Leprechaun jumping over a Turtle
Whimsical carving of a leprechaun jumping over a turtle holding a four-leaf clover. Approx. 20"H x 15"L



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