Unique contemporary folk art finished in the old folk art style by Jay Miles.

Jay Miles Contemporary Folk Art

Unique contemporary folk art finished in the old folk art style by carver Jay Miles. Surface paint by Si' Na' Ya'. Hollow canvasback decoy, a hollow black-bellied plover and a golden plover shorebird, a carved Gabriel, goat weathervane, bulto of Madonna and child, cat with fish in mouth weathervane, hound dog, fireman weathervane, and NJ sleeping goose decoy. Hand made folk art with wonderful patination and finishes by Si' Na' Ya'.


Canvasback Decoy width=

Item #FJ574 Hollow Canvasback Decoy
Hollow Canvasback decoy featured in "60 Greatest Living Decoy Carvers of North America". A copy of the book signed by the carver with accompany this decoy. Glass eyes. 11 1/2"L

Black-bellied Plover & Golden Plover Shorebirds

Item #FJ521, DJ521 Hollow Black-bellied & Golden Plover Shorebird Decoys
A hollow black-bellied plover shorebird and a hollow golden plover shorebird both made of pine. Mounted on carved clam shell. 10 1/2"L.

$125 each 

Item #JS581 Folk art Gabriel Blowing Horn
Contemporary carving of a Gabriel blowing horn on stand painted with natural pigments. 13" L x 11" H x 1 3/4" D

Goat Weathervane

Item #AJS5731 Folk Art Goat Weathervane
Goat weathervane gold leafed with applied patination on wooden stand. 32"L x 35"H

Bulto of Madonna and Child

Item #JS591 Contemporary Folk Art Madonna & Child
Bulto of Madonna holding a child made of pine: 13 1/2"T x 12"W.

Cat Weathervane

Item #JS5l73 Cat Folk Art Weathervane with fish in Mouth
Cat with fish in mouth weathervane, made of pine with carved wooden stand. 23"L x 13"H x 4"D

Hound Dog

Item #JS582 Folk Art Hound Dog
Sitting hound dog carved of pine, bronze leafed with applied patination. Braced with a wooden support on back. 30"H x 10"W x 2"D

Fireman Weathervane

Item #JS056 Folk Art Fireman Weathervane"Old Jake"
Wonderful fireman weathervane carved in style of "Old Jake" - famous NC firehouse weathervane. Carved of cedar-full bodied, copper leafed with applied patination. 26"H.

Canada Goose Decoy

Item #DJS Folk Art Hollow NJ Style Sleeping Goose Decoy

Hollow New Jersey style sleeping goose decoy in preening position carved of white cedar and pine. 20"L



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