American folk art carved wood sculptures with beautiful folk art surfaces by Jay Miles.

Jay MIles American Folk Art


American folk art wood sculptures with beautiful folk art surfaces carved by Jay Miles surfaces painted by Si' Na' Ya'. Greater yellow legs shorebird decoy, tiger, jester whirligig, shoveler decoy, centaur weathervane, a folk art mermaid and a goldeneye decoy. Sculptures with wonderful folk art finishes.


Yellowlegs on Plaque

Item #J375 Greater Yellowlegs Wall Sculpture
Greater yellowlegs on plaque carved of pine. A nice folk art shorebird sculpture. 21"H x 16"W


Item #JS058 American Folk art Tiger
Tiger carved of pine and cedar with nice surface patination. Dimensions: 36"L x 14"H x 6"D

Shoveler Decoy

Item #J574 Shoveler Decoy
Shoveler decoy featured in "60 Greatest Living Decoy Carvers of North America" A copy of the book signed by the carver is included. 16"L

Centaur Weathervane

Item #JS5731 Centaur Folk Art Weathervane
Centaur weathervane on steel stand. Surface iron leafed with applied paint to simulate old gold surface worn to iron. Superb patination. 35"L x 28"T x 4"D


Yellow Rooster

Item #JS522 American Folk art Mermaid
Folk art mermaid on stand. Beautiful surface paint with patination. 19"H

Goldeneye Decoy

Item #J522 American Folk art Goldeneye Decoy
A fine example of American folk art this goldeneye decoy is hollow made of pine with painted eyes. 11"L



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